August taken from The Third Day. CD/LP/DL >
RT @Tristam_James: @northatlanticos 'The Third Day' is my favourite 'listen through' album, and often on my playlist while writing. https:/…
Jumping on the #StormAbigail thing and supping a soundtrack. Dose anyone else feel like this when the wind blows?
One for the storm chasers. New from Spacehaul. #Abigail #StormAbigail
Haven't heard from NAO in a long while. No worries mate. This will make you feel better.
@chris_donnell @The_Brickyard Would love to Christopher.
RT @talldanhegarty: A classic from @SupergrassHQ, the excellent 'Oscillate' by @GazCoombes, & 'Marrow' from @northatlanticos - @rte2xm http…
@Oldvalvemic Hi, Do you have any knowledge of building synths and samplers? Im looking to find a software / hardware developer.